Kirk Bartholomew developed his healthy obsession with music as a young man growing up along the eastern seaboard of the United States, primarily in Massachusetts and Florida. The rock bug bit him hard and he focused on his bass guitar for a number of years, leading to a move to the west coast and a reputable showing on the southern California rock and metal scenes. 

A series of high profile gigs with the band Witnesses culminated in playing the Rose Bowl by invitation in front of a crowd of 30,000 people. In the role of bandleader, Kirk gave his other most famous band, Amasa (pronounced "a-ma-say"), his Native American middle name. This band took a more exploratory approach to rock, and at one point included a couple of appearances in the recording studio by Marc Soucy on keyboards, and old friend from back east. 

Meanwhile, Kirk had been developing his chops on his other principle instrument, the six-string guitar. This ongoing development has led to his performances with El Kapitan on various electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and slide guitar, as well as his first love, the electric bass. Kirk's playing has earned him numerous guitar and amplification product endorsements, including Spector Bass, DaDarrio strings, Seymour Duncan pickups, Washburn guitars, Babicz Full Contact Hardware, and David Eden Amplification. 

Kaptain Kirk Bartholomew has been busy producing and recording a solo disc. Along with the help of some talented friends added to this record, the music stands to be something new and exciting. Along with the solo project, Stilletto keeps this rocker busy.

Next up…Kaptain producing with a bunch of friends…a new Holiday disc for release next year.

Siletto Rockin It

Siletto Rockin It